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Hot Off The Press Publicity Team

EvaEVA [Director] With two decades of experience in the music industry, Eva has not only worked in publicity, but also as a music journalist, promotions manager for radio and a myriad of other roles within the media. Hands-on experience in both print and broadcast means Eva has a strong understanding of PR processes for all mediums. She has a crazy passion for the Australian music scene (and has got into a few memorable arguments at BBQs with people who aren’t supportive of the scene) and is always researching and learning more about the history of music in general. A certified workaholic, Eva is also unable to turn her phone off and is often caught answering emails from it at 2am (and is always delighted when she gets a reply in the early hours, which means there are other crazy people working too).
GemmaGEMMA [Publicist] Gemma is a keen music journalist and publicist with previous experience in event management and running an independent record store. Working across iconic theatres and various music venues in Melbourne and Perth, her love of music began from listening to The Beatles, Hoodoo Gurus and Simon and Garfunkel tapes on repeat during torturous family trips across Western Australia. Extremely passionate about Australian music and specifically the Melbourne music scene, Gemma can usually be found fighting her way to the front of the crowd at local gigs and applauding too enthusiastically.
DinaDINA [Publicist] A hip hop head and serious sock fetishist, Dina holds the opinion that music is the greatest thing on the planet. With a background in music journalism, professional writing and publicity, Dina is also a regular DJ. After completing a BA in English Literature in 2012, she took a year off studies and worked for several publications, dipping her toes into music journalism. After doing some freelance writing for a music producer, Dina fell into publicity - a field that has enabled her to meet and promote some fabulous people. Dina also spent the last 12 months editing industry publication 'Melbourne Guru' and currently studies a Masters in Journalism.
JanelleJANELLE [Junior Publicist] Janelle’s love for music and travel has always managed to intertwine. An enthusiastic festival goer, she plans a lot of the year around the Australian and international festival circuit. While living abroad in the UK Janelle fell deeply in love with all things live music and submersed herself into the local scene. She made some rad friends working overseas and has a few cheeky stories up her sleeve. A few busy years later she returned home to complete her business degree specialising in the music industry. Upon finishing up her final semester at university, she got the gig at HOTP. Always busy, she also spent her study time volunteering at her local community radio station. Janelle enjoys a good cuppa, so you’ll see her either checking out local talent around Melbourne or sipping on a long black somewhere in the city.
LittleDudeHOTP’s LITTLE DUDE [Little Dude] HOTP’s little dude is soaking up the music and PR industry from a young age, and while he may be too young to assist with press kits, his level of enthusiasm for every mail out is high! He loves answering the phone, or making any call for that matter, and is exceptionally good at finding ABC For Kids on any computer, mobile phone or tablet. It is always evident when he is visiting the office for the day, with the slight soundtrack of Peppa Pig in the background… He loves a good cup of tea and has already cut his teeth networking at some major events, including industry functions and festivals.
JamieJAMIE [Director] Jamie makes sure that everything computer-oriented at HOTP functions and is a trouble-shooter for all the non-technology literate people in the office! Jamie manages the content on the HOTP website and makes sure our client’s press releases appear in search engine results. He services tracks to media using third party tools and makes sure these tracks are also available for media to use via the secured part of the HOTP website. Jamie provides a HR function to the HOTP team, issues quotes & invoices and makes sure our bills get paid on time!



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